Main Business Areas

▪ Manufacture of catalyst sol for room temperature coating

▪Application products with deodorizing, antibacterial, 

hydrophilic, and antifouling functions

▪ Manufacture of functional coating solution 

(prevention of adsorption of contaminants) 

▪ Manufacture of catalyst for water/air purification


It is a product and introduction video of

Daesoo Hi-Tech that appeared on Arirang TV 


For automobiles (for outdoor use)_

Window, side mirrors Hydrophilic coating agent 


Titanium Dioxide(TiO₂)

Characteristics of Titanium dioxide(TiO₂) 

○ Materials coated with uniform titanium dioxide can retain color or shape

○ It can be dried naturally after coating and can be applied to various materials 

○ Maximizes photoactivity by manufacturing ultra-fine titanium dioxide 

○ The coated substrate decomposes air pollutants such as NOx and various VOCs with UV rays irradiated from sunlight or fluorescent lamps 

○ It has excellent sterilization, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions to maintain a pleasant and clean environment 

○ It can be used as a catalyst for the purification system of water/air pollutants 

Applicable Fields

○ Glass, metal, ore, etc.

○ Paper, wood, textile, plastic, etc.

○ Catalyst for purification of water/air pollutants

○ Applications using hydrophilic, sterilizing, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions

For automobiles 

(for outdoor use)_

Hydrophilic coating agent 

Because the contact angle of water molecules is reduced due to hydrophilicity, the formation of water droplets is eliminated, and the contaminants are washed down together with the water droplets after the coating is dried, so stains and contaminants do not remain on the wheel surface .


antibacterial, mold prevention, 

deodorizing functions

Hydrophilic property/

Discoloration prevention 

 It prevents adsorption of contaminants 

by forming super hydrophilic coating layer 

on the surface of various Metals. 

Thus, it removes contaminants 

by simply washing with rain or water.


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