Introducing the footsteps of 

Daesoo Hi-Tech.

Slogan "to make human health and the natural environment clearer and clearer" 

By making continuous efforts in product development, 

we will make the best environmental company in the world.


Japan_Separate supply contract

Sterilizers_Registration of Korea ON-line E-Procurement System

Selection of Start-up Growth Technology Development Project

Moved in BI Center Dankook University at 119, Dandae-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungmam, Republic of Korea 


Designation Letter for Promising Export SMEs

export to Japan _ Titanium Dioxide sol(TiO2 sol)

Disinfectant _ Acquisition of Sterilization Product Certificate and 

Certification Mark (ECAS Mark) : United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) 


Establishment of Material Production Plant

Material, Parts, and Equipment Registration Designation

Angel Investment Matching Fund Selection of Linked Investment Support


Supply electronic partner products

Patent registration

Factory registration

Register sales of consumer goods

International (US) Patent Registration


Release functional coating solution household products

Patent Registration / Trademark Registration

Venture registration / Estiabilished R&D Center

Entered online shopping mall AK Mall products

KDB IR Technology Announcement


Selected as an excellent company case of Daejeon Techno Park

Selected as a business growth technology development project

Patent Registration


Estiabilished in the name of 'DAESOO HI TECH CO.,LTD’

Development of Functional coating solution