For automobiles (for outdoor use) _Hydrophilic coating agent


Automotive side mirrors, glass Water droplets from rainwater do not form but flow down and various pollutants(automobile exhaust, various pollutants, dust etc)are washed in water to always maintain a clean status.


○ It is possible to secure a clear view even on a rainy day! 

○ Securing visibility : Water droplets do not form on the surface of the substrate after coating due to the excellent hydrophilic effect(Visibility can be secured in case of rain) 

○ Long-lasting effect : One spray for up to 1~2 months lasting effect 

○ Dry within 3 minute after spraying

How to Use

1. Clean the surface to be coated.

2. Shake the solution before coating. 

3. After spraying, wipe gently with a dry cloth.

4. After spraying, the coating will dry naturally at room temperature for 3 minutes. 

5. If stains cause trouble, stop using and wipe it with a cleaner.