Applicable Fields

Glass, metal, ore, etc.

Paper, wood, textile, plastic, etc. 

Catalyst for purification of water/air pollutants

Applications using hydrophilic, sterilizing, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions

Field of Use

▪TiO₂ photocatalysts have a wide range of applications available in various industrial locations

▪Air / Water Pollution Purification Systems, Air Purifiers

▪Indoor coatings for antibacterial / deodorant in hospitals or homes

▪Contamination prevention and self-cleaning (Self-cleaning) Building interior and exterior materials

Characteristics of Titanium Dioxide(TiO₂)


When coated on a substrate, it exhibits a strong affinity for water and flows down without forming water droplets on the surface. 


The coated substrate decomposes the oxidation of organic matter polluted by the sunlight, 

and the rainwater flows down without forming water droplets, 

and various contaminants are washed with water always to maintain a clean state.

▪UV protection(Anti-discoloration) & Antibacterial

UV Protection :

A blocking effect due to the use of UV radiation as an energy source. 

 It can be applied to easily damaged products by UV rays, such as blinds, clothing, and wood.

Antibacterial : 

Since general antibacterial products do not have longevity, the antibacterial effect decreases over time. 

Titanium dioxide exhibits long-lasting durability due to the activity of the catalyst when exposed to light.

[Staphylococcus aureus]


[UV protection]

[After 48hr]

(After UV(254nm) irraditation)