A company that respects people and the environment through nanotechnology! We will always think of our customers first.

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DAESOO HI-TECH, a venture established in 2016, is a specialized optical material developer with manufacturing and application technology of Titanium dioxide(TiO2), which has various functions such as sterilization, deodorization, stain resistance, discoloration prevention and super-hydrophilicity. By grafting TiO2 on to the environmental field, we develop a catalyst appliable to air purification, odor removal and recalcitrant contaminants removal in water and the technology is widely recognized. Implementing commercialization with our own technology, we supply it in the domestic market. Our technological prowess and marketability have also been noted in Japan, the center of photo-catalyst technology. 

In addition, we export our antibacterial-based TiO2 solution, DSC-200E, to Japan and Singapore from 2020 thanks to the approved quality.

Daesoo Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is committed to developing new environmental material technology with the corporate spirit of "respecting people and the environment". We will do our best to grow and become a trusted company by being grateful. 

Thank you.

CEO/Ph.D. Chang Kyun Kim